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NASEN's services include the Buyers Club; U.S. Syringe Exchange Directory; Program Support Packages & fiscal sponsorship for small and emerging SEPs; Loan Assistance; Dave Purchase Memorial Syringe Exchange Survey.

For more info on starting a syringe exchange please contact us.
  • Buyers Club (BC): The Buyers Club is a purchasing network that uses co-operative buying power to acquire the lowest syringe prices for SEPs 
  • Program Support Packages: NASEN is one of the only sources of syringe exchange start-up assistance for new programs with little or no operational history.
  • U.S. Syringe Exchange Directory: The purpose of NASEN's U.S. Syringe Exchange Directory is to facilitate communication and networking among SEPs. This directory is not, nor is it intended to be, a comprehensive listing of all SEPs in the US.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship: Many small and emerging SEPs have not received 501(c)(3) designation. NASEN can act as fiscal sponsor to assist these programs as they apply for funding and solicit donations.
  • Loan Assistance: NASEN provides short-term loans or credit with BC when a SEP is waiting for a grant award letter, or when a program struggling with funding so it is not forced to curtail or cease operations.
  • Dave Purchase Memorial Syringe Exchange Survey: NASEN collaborates annually with the Beth Israel Medical Center (BIMC) to conduct the most comprehensive national survey of SEPs.

FAQ’s, best practices, catalog info, and more

FAQ'S For Buyers Club Customers

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What is the Buyers Club?

  • The Buyers Club is a harm reduction clearinghouse that leverages the economic power of SEPs throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands to ensure equitable access to low-cost harm reduction supplies, technical assistance, and science-based best practices for all SEPs regardless of their size or budgets. 

Who operates the Buyers Club?

  • The Buyers Club is operated by the North American Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN). NASEN is an initiative of The Dave Purchase Project, operated by Dave Purchase Project. Dave Purchase Project also operates a syringe exchange program in Pierce County, WA: Tacoma Needle Exchange.

What supplies are available through the Buyers Club?

  • Syringes, alcohol wipes, sharps containers, cookers, cotton, etc. (For a complete and current list of the items available please see the Buyers Club Catalog below. Please note that prices are not included, please reach out to us at for a full catalog that includes prices.)

How do I join the Buyers Club?

  • If you are not yet a member of the Buyers Club and would like to join, please complete the Buyers Club application available at the top of the page. 

Is there a fee associated with joining the Buyers Club?

  • No, there is no fee associated with joining the NASEN Buyers Club. Our Team simply ask you to complete an application that provides us with some basic information. 

How do I know if my Buyers Club application was received? 

  • Once you submit your Buyers Club application please allow 48 hours for a response. You will receive a follow-up email welcoming you to the NASEN Buyers Club. This email includes two attachments one is an itemized Buyers Club catalog the other is instructions on placing orders through our team.

How can I contact a Buyers Club Team Member?

  • To contact a Buyers Club Team Member please either email or feel free to call or text or Buyers Club direct line at (253) 213-3221. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response. 

How do I place an order?

  • If you would like to place an order please email you may also fax your order to (253) 272-8415. 

Can you provide tracking for my order(s)?

  • Our Buyers Club Team is more than happy to assist in providing tracking on any of your orders. Please let a Team Member know you would like tracking (before your order has been placed) so that we may ensure that we can provide this for you. 

What should I include in my order?

Please include the following in your order:

  • Please use the Buyers Club order form for all Buyers Club orders
  • The proper ship to address (please note we cannot drop ship to P.O. Boxes)
  • The item number (if you do not know the item number then a brief description of the item you are attempting to order.)
  • Item quantities 
  • For syringes please note boxes vs. cases
  • If you are using a P.O. (purchase order) system please include your purchase order number

Buyers Club Updates

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FAQ's for CA syringe exchanges

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What is the Clearinghouse?
The California Syringe Exchange Supply Clearinghouse was established in 2016, following the passage of a bill that authorized funding for the establishment of a Clearinghouse to help California SEPs enhance the health and wellness of people who inject drugs. The Clearinghouse aims to increase the organizational stability of California SEPs by ensuring access to a baseline level of supplies for authorized SEPs.

Who operates the Clearinghouse?
The Clearinghouse is operated by the North American Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN), in partnership with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Center for Infectious Diseases (CID), Office of AIDS (OA).

NASEN is a Purchase Project, operated by Dave Purchase Project. Dave Purchase Project also operates a syringe exchange program in Pierce County, WA: Tacoma Needle Exchange.

For more information about NASEN, see here [link to NASEN about page, TBA]. For more information about Dave Purchase Project, see here [link to DPP about page, TBA]. For more information about OA’s harm reduction work see here.

What supplies are available through the Clearinghouse?
(See Below:)

What do I do if I want an item that’s not on the list?
Email katie@nasen.orgor kyle@nasen.orgwith the item and a short description of why that particular item is important to your participants or staff. We compile feedback and review it before each catalog revision.

If you have a separate source of funds, you can also purchase the item through the NASEN Buyers Club by emailing They will send your program a separate invoice.

How do I place an order using my Clearinghouse allocation?
If you don’t already have the latest version of the Clearinghouse catalog, email katie@nasen.orgor kyle@nasen.orgfor a copy.

The Clearinghouse allows programs to provide a standing order, which means that you receive the same order at specified intervals, commonly every month. Programs can also order on an as-needed basis.

If you want to submit or adjust a standing order, you must fill out the order form with your product preferences, address, order frequency etc., and email it to with the subject line "[Your Program Name] standing order adjustment". To place a supplemental order, please fill out the order form with your order information and email it to

Please put any special instructions in the body of your email.

What do programs in California have to do to be eligible for the Clearinghouse?
CDPH has a set of guidelines for programs in the Clearinghouse, available here.

I need more information about syringe exchange programs in California.
CDPH has a produced an overview of the project, available here.

How can I find an SEP in California?
A map of SEPs in California is available here.

California Clearinghouse Updates

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  • XL gloves are now available to order. Please indicate your interest in this item in the body of the email sent with your order. 

Catalog of Supplies

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Please click the link below to download our current catalog(s) of available supplies. 

  • Buyers Club Catalog  Icon: PDF
    The Buyers Club Catalog for 2019 is now available. Please note items and pricing are subject to change and based on availability. For questions or pricing inquiries please contact a Buyers Club team member.
  • California Clearinghouse Supply Catalog  Icon: PDF
    The California Clearinghouse Supply Catalog for 2019 is now available. Please note items and pricing are subject to change and based on availability. For questions or pricing inquiries please contact a California Clearinghouse team member.